The Magickal Elite Supply Shop

These classes are for those who wish to learn basic occult science and to learn how to get better control of your life in a metaphysical way. Once payment is received, the classes will be sent via email on Sundays. On Mondays is when the homework is assigned and books given.  Why not learn the art of the ancestors to begin living a full magickal lifestyle?

Paid classes include 4-6 weeks of magickal and spiritual training.

Full class payment is $600 each for both 101 and 201(Magick 301 and Magick 401 are both $700 each)

Half class payment is $300 with payment due in full before class begins.

Payments are taken by Paypal @ or cashapp $Magick47

These classes are done by pre-recorded video and it is treated exactly like a college course. Homework is also given to the student to complete and books are provided via pdf format. 

Classes can also be bought separately for the low price of $150. The class is still provided and presented the same way the entire course is. Listed below are the Magick 101 and 201 course curriculums. Magick 401 will be available soon!

Magick 101 Course Syllabus

Magick 101: Candle Magick

Magick 101: Herbs

Magick 101: Spiritual Baths

Magick 101: Deities

Magick 101: Protection

Magick 101: Crystals

Magick 101: Mojo/Gris Gris bags


 Magick 201 Course Syllabus

Magick 201: Mantras

Magick 201: Sigils

Magick 201: Foundations

Magick 201: Magickal Seals/Talismans

Magick 201: Jar Spells

Magick 201: Servitors


Magick 301 Course Syllabus

Magick 301: Sex Magick

Magick 301: Qabalistic Magick and Witchcraft

Magick 301: Black/Baneful Magick

Magick 301: Qlippoth Magick

Magick 301: Goetic Magick

Magick 301: ATR Magick (Voodoo, Quimbanda, Hoodoo etc)



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